Certec® Cartridges

Certec® cartridges reduce 99,9999% of bacteria and guarantee fresh and clean water. Moreover Certec® products impress with high flow rates and a low pressure loss. This is achieved by the special labyrinth structure of the ceramics which allows for an excellent retention rate of at least 85% of the flow rate (your system would have without the filter system). At the same time, all contaminants are kept in the deep structure of the ceramics labyrinth.
The cartridges are available as ceramic-filter cartridge 4in1 with Bio-Electro-Deposit and also as 5in1 cartridge with additional activated carbon technology. The latter model also removes heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and chlorine from the water.
Suitable for filter housing #20593.The cartridges are replaceable and washable.

5” 2 in 1: 49,00€
5” 3 in 1: 72,00€
10” 2 in 1: 65,00€
10” 3 in 1: 89,90€

Always read the label and product information before use.

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